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  • RCD Security and Economic Forum 2019: Iraq is Recovering

RCD Security and Economic Forum 2019: Iraq is Recovering

  • 26 Sep 2019
  • 28 Sep 2019
  • Babylon Hotel - Baghdad

RCD Security and Economic Forum 2019: Iraq is Recovering

26 – 28th Sept 2019

Babylon Hotel – Baghdad

Following the defeat of ISIS, Iraq is now at a crossroads, facing major challenges on two fronts: security and the economy. The Iraqi government is working hard to revive, boost, and develop the Iraqi economy, concurrently working on the stabilisation of the security environment. To achieve this difficult but not insurmountable task there are multiple hurdles to overcome. This has not been helped by volatile geopolitics. Further, ISIS still represents a threat despite its territorial defeat. The Iraqi economy is still at the mercy of fluctuating oil prices.

Iraq’s political leadership is undergoing efforts to open up the Iraqi economy to investors worldwide, aiming to build on the defeat of ISIS by becoming a hub for trade and investment. It is stepping up its efforts to become the second largest producer of oil within OPEC. Iraq is recovering and is leading the way to a more secure and prosperous region.

To discuss these aspects of Iraq’s economy and security, in addition to the geopolitics and economics of the region, The Rafidain Centre for Dialogue (RCD) is honoured to announce the upcoming RCD Security and Economic Forum to be held in Baghdad on 26-28th Sept 2019 at the Babylon hotel.

This Forum aims to achieve the following:

¬             Bring together leading regional and international experts to discuss, debate and exchange thoughts on the future of Iraq and the region.

¬             To strengthen Iraq’s partnership with world-class think thanks, research institutions and universities focused on economic and security issues.

¬             To provide a unique platform for debate on Iraq and to further develop Iraq’s status as a hub for regional economic cooperation, focusing particularly on future trends and challenges, the energy, financial, agricultural, industrial, trade and communication sectors.

¬             To provide a platform for debate on security challenges in Iraq and the region, security sector reform, the resurgence of ISIS, post liberation stabilisation, and the threat from extremist non-state actors.

¬             To debate regional polarisation and geopolitics.

¬             To signal to the global community Iraq’s post-war recovery, potential for business and capacity to lead the stabilisation and economic revival of the region as a whole.

Agenda and Topics of discussion:

Security Sessions:

¬             Iraq’s security is the cornerstone of regional security

¬             Building Security Institutions: Keeping arms in the hand of the State

¬             Bringing the war on terrorism to an end and defeating extremism

¬             Avoiding Polarisation of regional politics, the possible or impossible

¬             The opportunities within Iraq to rebuild the security sector

¬             Cyber Security: Challenges and infiltrations

Economy Sessions:

¬             Iraq’s economy is the cornerstone of regional economy

¬             Central Banks and the way to economic growth in the Middle East

¬             Energy Projects in Iraq, vision and challenges

¬             The role of Communication and ICT in Iraq’s economic growth

¬             The challenges of Investment in Iraq: Funding and legislations

¬             Industrial and Agricultural projects as pillars for economic development


¬             The obstacles for investors and practically of investment law

¬             Mechanism of funding major projects in Iraq

¬             Mechanism to develop legislator skills in economy

¬             Development of Iraqi police and rule of law (Part II)

¬             Eradication of Drug use, between security staffs training and public education

¬             Ways and means to protect public data while developing a mature data sharing infrastructure

About RCD:

Rafidain Center for Dialogue (RCD) is an independent Think Tank registered as an NGO incorporated in 2014 in the Holly City of Najaf. RCD has a 1400 registered members (all Iraqis) that includes many of the political party leadership of Iraq, top government officials, academic staffs of major universities, think tank scholars and researchers. RCD members are unique in a sense they come from all the components of Iraqi Society from North to South, East to West.

RCD also have an English group (RCD English), its members comprises of scholars and researchers from top think tanks and research institutions world wide, as well as ambassadors from diplomatic missions present in Iraq, and Iraqi diplomats working at home and overseas. Membership of RCD English is a must for anyone who is working in Iraq or is interested in the Iraqi affairs.

RCD works on developing political, cultural and economic dialogue among the Iraqi people and between Iraqis and overseas stakeholders who are interested in Iraqi development. Aiming to advance the democratic experience, establishing societal peace, and supporting the government and non-governmental institutions through a wide range of studies, research papers, periodical and book publications, and conducting seminars, conferences and field visits.

RCD Forum 2019 – Baghdad (Feb 3-5th Al-Rasheed Hotel)

This February RCD held its first annual forum in Baghdad under the title of RCD Forum 2019 which was a resounding success, the event attracted leading personalities from Iraq and the region over 4 days of workshops and plenary sessions, the final day of the event took place in the holly city of Najaf. The event attracted major media attention throughout the world in both English and Arab speaking media outlets. In excess of 750 delegates attended the event.

For the Feb 2019 Forum, RCD partnered with leading institutions such as Konrad Adeneuer Steftung, Chatham House, East West institute, MADRE, Middle East Research Institute (MERI), and International Crises Group, among others and delegates attended the Forum were from many of the major think thanks from US, Europe, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE. The event attracted major sponsors such as BP, The European Union Mission in Iraq, and Iraq Business Council – Jordan. The Forum media partners were the two largest outlets in Iraq, Al-Sharqia News and the State’s Al-Iraqia Media Network.



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